REN21’s Identity



Made up of a worldwide community of players from governments, inter-governmental and non-governmental organisations, industry, science and academia, REN21 is a global network providing high-quality, up-to-date information to shape the energy debate.

REN21 is driven by a deep commitment to a sustainable energy future. Building on knowledge and data, REN21 changes the way we think about renewables, informing decision making and shaping the future.

REN21 was created in 2004 as an outcome of the Bonn2004 International Conference on Renewable Energy. This “coalition of the willing” came together with one objective in mind: to support and accelerate the development of renewable energy.

From the outset, REN21’s mandate has been to collect, consolidate and synthesise a vast body of renewable energy data to provide clear and reliable information on what is happening in real-time.

This mandate still holds today.

How has REN21 evolved since 2004?