Hard Talks in Albania, Georgia, Serbia & Kazakhstan

Renewable Energy Hard Talks in Albania, Georgia, Serbia & Kazakhstan

Since 2016, REN21 and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) have held a series of dialogues named “Renewable Energy Hard Talks”. The “Hard Talk” is a discussion format on current topics of renewable energy held with relevant stakeholders of the participating UNECE Member States.

In 2021, a series of four “Hard Talks” with selected UNECE Member States will be held under the framework of the 2021 UNECE RE-Uptake project; a joint undertaking by REN21, dena and UNECE. 

The Hard Talks will take place in Albania (July 2021), Georgia (October 2021), Serbia (October 2021) and Kazakhstan (November 2021 – tentative). Visit the UNECE website for additional information on the upcoming and past Hard Talks, including concept, agenda and outcomes.

The goal of the events is to identify the best methods for realising the potential of renewable energy by identifying key barriers that block private sector investment, as well as creating a well-functioning and stable system for the development of renewable energy. Hard Talks involve all interested government agencies, parliament, private investors, energy producers and consumers, financial and research institutions, NGOs, and international organisations. Topics such as investments, local value creation of renewable energies or job effects are placed at the forefront and underline the relevance of the energy transition from an economic and political perspective. 

Albania: Renewable Energy Hard Talk 2021

The first of the four 2021 Hard Talks was dedicated to Albania and took place on 6 and 7 July in the form of an online event. It focused on the grid integration of renewable energies, accompanying energy policies and funding. The outcome of the Hard Talk will help Albania to further advance the use of renewable energies and implement the relevant policies for an attractive, target-oriented market.

Links to download related to Albania: UNECE documents related to the Albania Hard Talk. The recommendations for Albania.

Georgia: Renewable Energy Hard Talk 2021

The second HardTalk 2021 was dedicated to Georgia. It took place online on 12 and 13 October 2021 and focused on building support for renewable energy investments in the country, by looking into the policy landscape, market structure and public support for the renewables sector. The outcomes will help stakeholders in and outside Georgia establish relevant policy, market rules and strategic communication to bolster investment and investor confidence in renewable energy.

Links to download related to Georgia: Agenda, Concept Note and Factsheet related to the Georgia HardTalk. Recommendations and Key Challenges are found here.

2021 UNECE RE-Uptake project

The upcoming UNECE report and these country Hard Talks fall under REN21’s activities under the 2021 UNECE RE-Uptake project. The project is a joint undertaking by three organisations (REN21, dena, and UNECE) and is funded by the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).