2020 REN21 Academy: Out of Silos and Into Disruptive Discussions

Renewables Now! From Evolution to Revolution

The 2020 REN21 Academy is a 3-day immersive virtual lab, creating an informal collaborative space where we will explore strategies to make the structural shift to a renewables-based energy system. Just as we have done at our in-person REN21 Academy, we are moving out of our silos and into disruptive, enriching discussions.

The REN21 Academy is an opportunity for bringing together the renewable energy community, both old and new players and seize this critical time for change. Both climate emergency and COVID pandemic has shown that the time for a renewable energy revolution is now. 


Day 0 – Young Professionals Day: Sunday 22 November 2020

Click here to download all the caricature drawings of the Young Professionals Day.

Day 1: Monday 23 November 2020

Click here to read the Day 1: Daily Recap Email that attendees received, which includes all of the caricature drawings of the plenaries.

Day 2: Tuesday 24 November 2020

Click here to read the Day2: Daily Recap Email that attendees received, which includes all of the caricature drawings of the plenaries.

Day 3: Wednesday 25 November 2020

Click here to read the Day 3: Daily Recap Email that attendees received, which includes all of the caricature drawings of the plenaries.


Download the closing presentation of the Academy. The presentations of the different sessions, including the ‘Timezone in Focus’ events will be soon available on the Knowledge Library.


Here are some of the promotional videos from the Academy. To view videos with content and inspiration for change leadership, please visit the Knowledge Library.

What is different this year?

As the COVID-19 pandemic posses a challenge to face-to-face events, this year we have taken the REN21 Academy virtually. However, this will not be your standard series of webinars. The 2020 edition of the Academy is an immersive, collaborative online space for peer-to-peer learning, debating and catalysing strategic action. While the event includes several plenary sessions, we’ve built in moments for the community to network across regions and sectors and to work collaboratively to develop practical solutions.

Concretely, what is planned?

All event details, lists of speakers, etc. have been shared with the event invitees by email. Here is a global overview of what the 2020 REN21 Academy will consist of:


During four plenary sessions, held over the three-days, we will explore the leadership that is required to navigate change is driving a structural shift to renewables.

Timezone in Focus

Side events to allow people from specific regions to collaborate on issues affecting the region. Expert panellists will give brief presentations to inspire the content of the small-group brainstorming discussions.


Interactive workshop sessions taking place in three building blocks, which will run in parallel:

  • Policy: Making Renewable Energy a Political Priority
  • Markets: Renewables Everywhere – Bridging Demand and Supply
  • Society: Building Societal Support for Renewables

Over the three days, participants will reveal challenges and opportunities, build concrete solutions and develop their own action agenda to realise the energy revolution.


Several social gatherings, a fun quiz game, and time to meet the Young Professionals are all planned events to enable informal discussion and develop connection between attendees.

How do I connect to the event?

The REN21 Academy is an invitation-only event. Links to participate are sent by email to everyone who has both been invited and completed their registration. Invitations have gone out though our event platform, Cvent as well as from direct emails from the REN21 Staff. If you have a question about this, please email academy@ren21.net.

Young Professionals Day

In 2020, the Academy launched a new initiative, bringing together young people to collaborate on real-world energy challenges. This year the event drew over 400 applications, and 100 young people were invited to participate in the event. 

Knowledge Library & Outcomes

REN21 is developing a Knowledge Library: a series of short videos on energy and cross-cutting topics. In addition, all Academy outcomes from the 2020 edition will be made available here on this webpage.

Thank you to our sponsor!

The REN21 Academy 2020 is funded by Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.