Stay tuned for a webinar on 100% Renewable Energy for Islands

25 August 2016
14:00  AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)


The International Solar Energy Society (ISES) is hosting a webinar on 100% Renewable Energy for Islands.


A number of Island countries have ambitious targets of 100% renewable energy for their electricity generation. This webinar will showcase how this has been technically achieved on King Island and what is planned for Flinders Island (two Islands off Tasmania). We will then move to the Pacific Islands and discuss in detail Tokelau and Tuvalu followed by provide an overview of the renewable energy targets for a number of Pacific Islands and the projects being undertaken to help them meet these targets.






Peter Rae – Chair of International Renewable Energy Alliance


Simon Gamble – Manager Hybrid Off-Grid Solutions, Tasmania


Simon Franklin – IT Power Australia


Geoff Stapleton – ISES Board Member



The webinar duration is 1.5 hours.
Registration for this webinar is open and free-of-charge for everyone.