Renewables in Cities Global Status Report


Collectively advancing the energy transition in cities

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Cities account for around 70% of global greenhouse gas emissions, use 80% of global energy supply, and consume 75% of all, natural resources.  70% of the C40 megacities are already dealing with
the effects of climate change, and nearly all are at risk. Cities regularly lead on efforts to deploy renewable technologies in the power sector and can be key drivers for transitioning other energy end-use sectors by promoting electric vehicle integration, modernising public transport fleets, developing district heating and mandating the use of biofuels or solar water heating to meet municipal heating needs. Cities are where the future happens first: at the city level, innovative policies and business models are being developed and implemented.

To bridge the renewable energy and cities debate, REN21 is developing a Renewables in Cities Global Status Report. Using REN21 data and reporting culture in combination with the cities perspective, the aim is to: (i) consolidate data to showcase the current developments and trends of renewable energies in cities; and (ii) make the role that cities play in advancing the energy transition visible to policy makers and other stakeholders. Based on this expertise, we can jointly strengthen cities’ role in the energy transition, shape a key tool to facilitate supportive (sub-) national frameworks, and thus bring cities to the global energy debate.


How to get involved – support us to jointly advance the energy transition in cities!

  • Share and Join: join us for workshops and events and spread awareness about the report. Keep up-to-date via our homepage, twitter and linked-in pages
  • Data collection: support the collaborative data collection. This report collects formal and informal data. Fill out the Expression of Interest to participate in data collection or fill out directly the questionnaire.

Share the news and animate your network to participate in data collection. All contributors will be acknowledged.

  • Review the first draft of the report. Provide feedback, add data and update information. All reviewers will be acknowledged
  • Report publication: spread the news that the report has been published and support our communication and outreach strategy

If you have any questions or would like to get more involved, please reach out to

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