Renewables Global Futures Report 2017

GFR Cover (Shadow Border)1REN21 has released its latest report on the feasibility and challenges of achieving a 100% renewable energy future. Renewables Global Futures Report: Great debates towards 100% Renewable Energy, analyses the views of 114 renowned energy experts from every region of the world, interviewed over the course of 2016. The results are clustered as “12 Great Debates”:


  1. 100% Renewables: A logical consequence of the Paris Agreement?
  2. Global Energy Demand Development: Efficiency on a global level?
  3. Renewable Power Generation: The winner takes all?
  4. The Future of Heating: Thermal or electrical applications?
  5. Renewables for Transport: Electrification versus biofuels?
  6. Interconnection of Sectors: System thinking required
  7. Storage: Supporter or competitor of the power grid?
  8. Technology versus Costs: Which should come first?
  9. Scaling-up Investments and Work Force: 100% renewables for socio-economic change
  10. Utilities of the Future: What will they look like?
  11. Mega Cites: Mega possibilities
  12. Energy Access Enabled Through Renewables: How to speed up connections?


To download the full report, infographics and press release head to the Renewables Global Futures Report page.