2018 REN21 Academy


REN21 Academy: a dynamic lab for its community!

The 2018 REN21 Academy took place in Berlin 19-21 November. Over 160 members from the REN21 Community, representing 80 different countries met to discuss how to accelerate the energy transformation by sharing perspectives, asking tough questions and innovating together. Results from the REN21 Academy demonstrated the “vital power of many”; REN21 intends to rely even more on its committed community to increase the scope for individual and joint action to accelerate the energy transformation.

The REN21 Academy programme was co-developed with the participants. Its design was also reflective of REN21’s multi-stakeholder approach and collaborative and transparent culture. Over three days, 6 plenary sessions, 7 parallel sessions and 3 workshops participants collectively addressed complementary themes such as heat, transport, energy systems 2.0. Each topic was chosen as an entry point for creating integrated energy solutions to make the energy transformation happen.

The REN21 Academy also benefited from a joint opening high-level session with the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Week (REEW) as well as an evening event to share perspectives, both co-organised with the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

Download the full REN21 Academy programme to read more about each session: why the topic was chosen, what questions were asked, and how the sessions were facilitated.

Or click here to see the overview of the programme:


The REN21 Academy and the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Week – REEW (hosted by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development – BMZ) co-hosted a joint high-level opening and evening event.


The main topics of the 2018 REN21 Academy were:

  • Renewable Energy in Heating
  • Renewable Energy in Transport
  • Energy Systems 2.0
  • Communication
  • Community
  • Renewable Energy & Finance


  • Renewable Energy in Heating









  • Renewable Energy in Transport









  • Energy Systems 2.0








Participants also discussed the role of finance; both its availability and affordability, in advancing the energy transition. How we, as a renewable energy community, can communicate more effectively, position evidence in a strategic way to inform key decision-makers, and address key developments in the conventional energy sector was also debated. The Power of Many looked at co-creating the REN21 Community Strategy.



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