Prof. Arthouros Zervos re-elected as Chair of REN21

The steering committee of the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century- REN21, convened Wednesday the 7th October 2015 in Cape Town, South Africa and unanimously reelected Professor Arthouros Zervos as its Chair. Dr Zervos is internationally distinguished in the energy sector and will serve his second, three year term with the organisation.

The election of Prof. Arthouros Zervos took place back-to back with the South Africa International Renewable Energy Conference (SAIREC) in Cape Town, South Africa.

Arthouros Zervos is a Professor at the National Technical University of Athens with more than 30 years of high level expertise in policy, science, research and technology across the European renewable energy sector. Has led the most important European organizations on Renewable Energy Sources and has provided advisory services to Governments, the European Commission and other bodies. Since 2013 he has been Chair of the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21). Dr. Zervos has served as President of the European Wind Energy Association (2001-2013), President of the European Renewable Energy Council (2000-2012) and Chairman of the Global Wind Energy Council (2005-2010), while also serving from 2009 to 2015 as Chairman and CEO of PPC S.A. and Chairman of PPC Renewables.