The Government of Mexico teamed up with REN21 to organise the 7th International Renewable Energy Conference (IREC) in Mexico from 11-13 September 2017.

MEXIREC was attended by ministers and government representatives from 44 countries as well as representatives from the private sector and civil society including NGOs, academia, business, industry and international organisations.

At the closing of the Conference, the MEXIREC Declaration was presented, which outlines key elements to enhance the energy transition with renewables in Latin America and the Caribbean.

MEXIREC was a part of “The Dialogues for the Future of Energy Mexico 2017” (DEMEX).

DEMEX provided a platform for key stakeholders and actors within the industry to discuss, analyze and reflect on trends and future scenarios of the ener­gy sector, promoting dialogue, building synergies at a global level, and sharing experiences of different countries in their efforts towards achieving energy transition. The dialogues also discussed the current progress of global energy initiatives such as the United Nations SE4ALL, Paris COP21, Mission Innovation, the World Energy Council (WEC), Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM), REN21, 21CPP, and many others of international relevance.

The Conference Programme covered five thematic areas: Policy and Finance; Electricity Sector and Infrastructure; Heating and Cooling/Transport; Energy Access/Local Value Creation; and Technology Innovations and presented across 25 parallel sessions. Each session had an issue paper that outlined the key issues and presented questions to be discussed. To access an issue paper, click on the programme link above and select the session title for more information.

Daily Bulletins:

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Complementary to the main conference programme, were a series of side-events. The events were an opportunity for organisations to showcase a particular project or work, and allowed participants to discuss particular issues in-depth. The side-events also provided participants with a unique networking opportunity. All of the side-events were held on the 11th September 2017.

The MEXIREC Declaration outlines key elements to enhance the energy transition with renewables in Latin America and the Caribbean.  Conference participants endorsed the Declaration, acknowledging the efforts of the Government of Mexico to keep sustainable development and energy transition with renewable energy as the central axis of its Energy Reform of the electric power sector.

The Renewable Energy Tenders and Community [em]Power[ment] in Latin America and Caribbean report was launched at MEXIREC 2017. The report looks at the interface between communities and renewable energy tenders, with a focus on the Latin America and Caribbean region.




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