Latin America: Zero net GHG power sector

logoOn 20th April from 12:00 – 13:30, a discussion on: “The prospects of a Zero Net GHG Power Sector in Latin America,” will be held in the Large Conference Room at World Resources Institute, Suite 800, 10 G Street NE, Washington, DC 20009.


A presentation on the topic by Walter Vergara, Senior Fellow at the World Resources Institute, will be followed by a distinguished panel including Gabriela Elizondo (Senior Energy Specialist at the Latin American Department of the World Bank); Alexander Ochs (Director of Climate and Energy, Worldwatch Institute and Founder and Managing Director, SD Strategies) and Guy Edwards (Co-Director of the Climate and Development Lab, Brown University). Opening remarks will be provided by Laura Williamson (Communication and Outreach Manager, REN21) and Jennifer Layke, Global Director Energy, World Resources Institute.  The presentation and the panel discussion will be webcasted.


Current power generation in Latin America is estimated at about 6.0 EJ (1.7 PWh), which represents close to a 60% increase since 2000 (Enerdata, 2016). Over half of the power today is generated using hydropower and to a much lesser extent other renewables, resulting in a relatively low GHG emission factor per MWh generated. Drivers behind this vigorous demand include an expanding population, a robust increase in GDPs across the region and associated improvements in living standards. These trends are expected to continue over the foreseeable future, requiring major investments in infrastructure even after gains in efficiency are accounted for.

If power generation is decarbonized, many economic activities that depend on power in the region become low carbon, and others that today use fossil fuels could consider a shift toward electricity as a mechanism for reducing their carbon content. A renewable energy power system would also strengthen energy security though the use of domestic resources, and could create comparatively more jobs, promote regional integration, enterprise and technology development.


The presentation will examine the conditions under which future demand in the region can be met through renewable resources. The unique renewable energy endowment situation in the region will be analyzed as well as the trends in generation technology, economics and markets. Major barriers and opportunities will be discussed.


 Please RSVP to Emily Nilson ( if you want to attend via Skype.