GSR2019 Technology Data Collection now open

The GSR is a collaborative effort, bringing together many minds to inform on the status of renewable

energy uptake worldwide. Your input would make a big difference. As with previous editions, we invite

contributions based on your expertise on renewable energy technologies by taking part in the

GSR2019 Market & Industry chapter.


We are seeking input on:


  • different technologies’ energy markets (including data for key countries/regions and global data for 2018)
  • industry developments and new/ongoing trends
  • any other noteworthy information from 2018.

We welcome information in the form ofreports, lists, spreadsheetsor any other format sent to ideally by February 17. We can also arrange a time to speak via phone if you prefer.


Finally, mark your calendar for the Expert Peer Review, which is currently scheduled to take place

April 2-12 and will include all technology sections as well as the Global Overview and the Renewable

Energy Jobs and Costs sidebars – make sure your voice is heard!


Your participation is critical for the production of another balanced, comprehensive and high quality GSR.

As always, all contributors and reviewers will be acknowledged in the final report.


Feel free to contact us at should you have any questions or requests.