Join REN21 Webinar on 5 June

5 June: Join us for a webinar that details the findings of the 2018 Edition of  REN21’s Renewables Global Status Report (GSR).   The Global Renewables Energy Transformation: What is holding us back? will outline the key trends of 2017 and offer detailed commentary on the dynamics within the renewable energy sector. The webinar is held in partnership with the Clean Energy Solutions Center: Rana Adib, REN21’s Executive Secretary will present.   The webinar runs 10:00 – 11:30 EST / 16:00 – 17:30 CEST.  There will be plenty of time, during the webinar, to ask questions. Don’t miss this opportunity to get all the latest facts and figures on what happened in 2017. Register here  

Attending CEM9/MI3?

  Please join REN21 Thursday 24 May at 9:30 for a high-level roundtable where government, inter-government and business will discuss what it takes to drive the energy transition in the heating, cooling and transport sectors.  The debate will focus on answering two questions:   What can be done to drive sector coupling? What can be done to support sustained uptake regionally?   The discussion will draw on REN21’s soon-to-be-released Renewables 2018 Global Status Report. Attendees will be able to get a sneak peak of the upcoming report.   Event Location: The Danish Centre of Architecture, Copenhagen Room 2 9:30-10:30 You must have registration for CEM9/MI3 in order to be able to participate

GSR2018 Launch: Don’t miss out!

    REN21’s Renewables 2018 Global Status Report (GSR2018), will be launched 4 June, 2018, at UN HQs in New York. There will a number of opportunities to find out what happened in renewable energy markets, investment and policy development over the course of 2017. Come and hear about the findings at one of the following regional events, and pick-up a copy of HIGHLIGHTS 2018 which presents the overarching trends and development from 2018 so that policy makers and others can more easily understand the significance of the latest renewable energy developments.   Don’t miss the webinar “The Global Renewables Energy Transformation: What is holding us back?” 5 June 10:00 EST / 16:00 CEST where REN21’s Executive Secretary Rana Adib will present the evolving dynamics of the renewable energy industry including developments in the power sector and a look at what is holding us back from achieving an energy transformation. Register here.   GSR EVENTS & WEBINARS   4 June: Global Launch at UN Headquarters. New York, US. 4-8 June: Asia Release, Asia Clean Energy Forum. Manila, Philippines. 5 June: Webinar – The Global Renewables Energy Transformation: What is holding  us back? Details and registration. 5 June:  3rd Multi-stakeholder Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation for the SDGs (STI Forum). New York, US. 5 June: French Release, Smart Energies Summit. Paris, France. 5 June: Central/Eastern Europe Release, REENCON XXI. Moscow, Russia. 5 June: European Release, EU Sustainable Energy Week. Brussels, Belgium. 7 June: North American Release,  ACORE. Washington DC, US....

REN21 Welcomes New Executive Secretary Rana Adib

Rana Adib was officially appointed as REN21’s Executive Secretary, following on its Steering Committee meeting in Berlin this April.   Rana has previously been REN21’s Research Coordinator, developing the global expert community and leading the the REN21 Renewables Global Status Report series to become an international reference in the renewable energy field.   Rana has over 20 years of experience in developing  and implementing thematically innovative and cross-cutting projects in energy and climate-related fields. We look forward to bridging and building the energy future together.  Welcome Rana!

REN21 Contributes to SDG 7 Policy Briefs

REN21 and 49 other stakeholder organisations worked to prepare 27 SDG 7 Policy Briefs. Collectively the briefs cover four main topics:   1. Advancing SDG 7 implementation 2. Strengthening interlinkages between SDG 7 and other SDGs 3. Addressing regional priorities 4. Accelerating transformation towards sustainable, inclusive and equitable energy future   The stakeholder approach was used to draw on cross-sectional interlinkages, maximise synergies and minimise duplication.   REN21 contributed to the Policy Brief #3: Substantially increase the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix. This brief emphasises the lag of renewable energy use in heating and cooling and transport sectors. It also highlights that efforts in end-use sector needs to be strengthened.   The work was carried out under the guidance of the multi-stakeholder SDG 7 Technical Advisory Group convened by UN DESA.  These briefs are in preparation for the United Nations High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development  which will be held  9-18 July, 2018 in New York.   You can access the Policy Briefs here.

Time of Transition: New joint report to drive RE uptake

Policy frameworks need to take a systems approach with more fully integrated policies across sectors if we are serious about achieving the energy transition. To do this:   measures are needed to support the integration of variable renewable energy policies need to be more comprehensive than those devised for the energy sector alone These are two key conclusions from this latest report on Renewable Energy Policies in a Time of Transition   Renewables have experienced a remarkable evolution over the past decade now forming the cutting edge –with energy efficiency– of a global energy transition. The growth in the deployment of renewable energy technologies now outpaces that of any other energy source.   But progress has not been homogenous. Uneven uptake, barriers ranging from technology and financial risks, and integration challenges in markets with high shares of renewables persist.   This new joint publication of REN21, the IEA and IRENA outlines the options available to policy makers to support the development of renewables.  An updated policy classification and terminology provides a global reference for policy instruments.  The final chapter, “The Way Forward” proposes a holistic approach for policy making. Download the publication here.

Meet REN21 at the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue

17-18 April REN21 will be in Berlin at the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue, taking part of the discussion on the global energy transition along with energy stakeholders from across the world. Make sure to pass by our stand to have a chat and get to know more about our team, work and publications! The conference will take place at the Federal Foreign Office – Unterwasserstaße 10, Berlin, Germany.