Biofuture Platform: New 20-country coalition set to promote advanced fuels for the climate

Biofuture Platform - Official Photo - lowres

Biofuture Platform, a coalition of 20 leading countries in the clean energy and the bioeconomy fields was launched 16 November 2016 at COP22, Marrakech. The coalition of governments aim to accelerate development and scale-up the deployment of modern sustainable low-carbon alternatives to fossil based solutions in transport fuels, industrial processes, chemicals, plastics and other sectors.


The Biofuture Platform follows-up on the commitments established by Rio+20, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement. The initiative ́s ultimate goals will be to help in the global fight against climate change, nurturing solutions that can aid countries in reaching their Nationally Determined Contribution targets (NDCs), as well as to contribute towards the SDGs.


The list of participating countries to date includes Argentina, Brazil, China, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, India, Italy, Morocco, Paraguay, Sweden, the United States of America and Uruguay. A number of international organisations, such as IRENA, UNCTAD, IEA, FAO, and SE4ALL, as well as private sector associations and initiatives such as the WBCSD, ABBI, UNICA, and below50, are supporting this initiative.


Press release of Biofuture Platform is available to download here.