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how to joinREN21 is the global renewable energy policy, multi-stakeholder network that connects a wide range of key actor including governments, international organisations, industry associations, science and academia and civil society. It aims to facilitate knowledge exchange, policy development and joint action towards a rapid global transition to renewable energy.

REN21 welcomes the participation of international and supranational organisations active in the field of renewable energy whose mandates support the goals and objectives of the network.

Within REN21 network there are various levels of network participation:


REN21 NetworkREN21 Contributors
Expectations: Interest in renewable energyContributors participate annually in the provision and review of data and text that comprise the Renewables Global Status Report.
Benefits: Receive electronic version of REN21’s quarterly newsletter (February, June, September, December)Contributors are acknowledged in the Renewables Global Status Report and thereby receive international recognition; receive electronic version of REN21 quarterly newsletter (February, June, September, December)
How to apply: Send an email expressing interest to: or subscribe directly to the newsletter at an email expressing interest to: or directly fill out the Expression of Interest
REN21 Members constituting the General Assembly
Who qualifies:Organisations with an international or supranational focus that promote and support the rapid and global transition to renewable energy through the exchange of information and in-depth knowledge can become members of REN21. An organisation with a national focus that is interested in becoming a formal member of REN21 is invited to first join the REN21 contributors’ community for a period of one year. After this period, its membership application will be assessed by the Secretariat, based on the level of the organisation’s constructive contribution to REN21. REN21 members must represent one of five REN21 stakeholder groups: civil society, academia and research, governments, industry associations or international organisations. REN21 members are eligible to the Steering Committee.
Expectations:REN21 members have an international or supranational focus. They have a proven track record in promoting renewable energy (in both industrialised and developing countries) to help address climate change, energy security, development and poverty alleviation. Furthermore, REN21 members are expected to actively participate in REN21 activities.
Benefits– Participate in meetings of the REN21 General Assembly (every three years) as well as participate as observer in meetings of the REN21 Steering Committee (at least once a year) – Bi-monthly REN21 update (electronic format) – Promotion of organisation’s activities on the REN21 website and in its quarterly newsletters – Interaction with other REN21 members – Access to and use of the REN21+ review tool for review processes of member’s own publications – Privileged access to and participation in REN21 events – “Early bird“ access to REN21 flagship publications – Receive REN21 quarterly newsletter (February, June, September, December)
How to apply:Send a letter addressed to REN21’s Executive Secretary, detailing the organisation’s anticipated contribution to REN21’s mandate as well as how your organisation will support REN21’s goals and objectives. The REN21 Bureau will review and decide upon all applications during the quarterly meeting following the submission of the application.

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