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Global Futures Report 2013 - List of Interviews

65 Annex 1 – LIST OF INTERVIEWS Pallas Agterberg (Alliander) Donald Aitken (Donald Aitken Associates) Matthias Altmann (Ludwig-Bölkow-Systemtechnik GmbH) Adnan Amin (International Renewable Energy Agency–IRENA) Kjell Andersson (Swedish Bioenergy Association) Doug Arent (National Renewable Energy Laboratory–NREL) Dan Arvizu (NREL) Alan AtKisson (AtKisson and Associates) Roger Ballentine (Green Strategies) Pedro Ballesteros Torres (European Commission/Covenant of Mayors) Marlett Balmer (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) Morgan Bazilian (formerly UN Industrial Development Organization) Kubeshnie Bhugwandin (Eskom, South Africa) Lawrence Bloom (formerly Noble Cities Plc) Denise Bode (American Wind Energy Association) Gunnar Braun (Verband kommunaler Unternehmen e.V., Landesgruppe Bayern) Joost Brinkman (Accenture) David Cadman (City of Vancouver Council) Sanjeev Chaurasia (Credit Suisse) Chen Mozi (China Electric Power Research Institute) Mike Cleary (NREL) Luis Crespo (European Solar Thermal Electricity Association) Lena Dahlman (Swedish Bioenergy Association) Guy Dauncey (BC Sustainable Energy Association) Paul Denholm (NREL) Pedro Dias (European Solar Thermal Industry Federation) Du Xiangwan (Chinese Academy of Engineering) Mike Eckhart (Citigroup) Jorgen Edstrom (Copenhagen Energy) Sachio Ehara (Kyushu University) Mohamed El-Ashry (UN Foundation) Ditlev Engel (Vestas) Fort Felker (NREL) Hans-Josef Fell (German Parliament) Manfred Fischedick (Wuppertal Institute) Doerte Fouquet (Becker Büttner Held) Paolo Frankl (International Energy Agency—IEA) Lisa Frantzis (Navigant Consulting) Uwe Fritsche (Öko-Institut) Gang Wu (Chinese Academy of Sciences) Nick Gardner (BNP Paribas) Carlos Gasco (IEA) Dolf Gielen (IRENA) Herbert Girardet (World Future Council) Cristina Gomez (Red Eléctrica de España) Stefan Gsänger (World Wind Energy Association) Karin Haara (World Bioenergy Association) Toshishige Hamano (Sharp) Kirsty Hamilton (Chatham House) Lars Hansen (Dong Energy) Aksel Hauge Pedersen (Dong Energy) Steve Hauser (NREL) Rainer Hinrichs-Rahlwes (European Renewable Energies Federation) Winfried Hoffmann (European Photovoltaic Industry Association) Jeffrey Holzschuh (Morgan Stanley) Toshio Hori (Green Power Investment Corporation) Huang Ming (Himin Solar Corp.) Roland Hulstrom (NREL) Jiang Kejun (China Energy Research Institute) A series of interviews with 170 individuals was undertaken from late 2010 through mid-2012 to gain expert and industry views of the future of renewable energy. These interviews were focused on the long term, 2020 and beyond. (The long-term nature of solicited views makes them less prone to becoming outdated by subsequent short-term developments, although this is certainly a consideration.) Persons interviewed included heads of industry associations, business people, financiers, researchers, consultants, academics, public advocates, policymakers, multilateral (intergovernmental) agency staff, electric utility managers, regulatory staff, journalists, and city government officials. Interviews included 16 executives (CEOs, presidents, or executive vice presidents) and two parliamentarians. Interviews were conducted as unstructured discussions, rather than formal question-response sessions, often based on a set of 4–8 questions posed in advance, and tailored to the expertise and interest of each interviewee. Most interviews were conducted in-person at the place of business of the interviewee, while a few were conducted by phone. Interviews were typically 45 minutes to 1.5 hours in length, although some lasted up to three hours. Report author Eric Martinot conducted most interviews. Additional interviews on local/city and developing country topics were conducted by Lily Riahi of the REN21 Secretariat. All interviewees were promised anonymity of remarks, so names cannot be cited within the body of the report. As noted in the Preface, the purpose of the interviews was not to elicit quotes from specific experts, but rather to compile an overall mosaic of information that captures a credible range of views of the future. Some quotes have been used in the text, taken from interviews without attribution, to make the text more interesting and to provide a more direct experience of interview results. All quotes in the report come from interviews except where publication citations are given. The majority of interviews were conducted with experts and executives in Europe and the United States, with an additional 15 interviews in Japan, 22 in China, and 16 in India, South Africa, and other developing countries. Supplementing the individual interviews in developing countries, three additional roundtable discussions were held, specifically as input to the report, in India (organized by The Energy and Resources Institute—TERI), Morocco (organized by the African Renewable Energy Alliance and the World Future Council), and South Africa (organized by the South Africa National Energy Development Institute). Two additional roundtable discussions were held in Germany (organized by the World Council for Renewable Energy) and the United States (organized by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory). The contribution of all interviewees and workshop participants is greatly appreciated. 65

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