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Global Futures Report 2013 - Acknowledgements

6 AcknowledgmentS Assistant to the Research Director A special thanks to Lily Riahi (REN21 Secretariat) for research, interviews, workshops, and writing on developing countries and cities topics, for collaborating on conceptual aspects of the report, and for managing REN21 research. REN21 Research Fabiani Appavou and Kanika Chawla (REN21 Secretariat) ISEP Research Romain Zissler (ISEP and Paris-Dauphine University); Fuyuko Ujiie, Noriaki Yamashita, and Shota Furuya (ISEP); Mark Morrison and Lauryn May (Columbia University); Silvia Tanga (Tufts University) Additional Project Support Christine Lins (REN21 Secretariat); Virginia Sonntag-O’Brien (Frankfurt School of Management/UNEP Collaborating Center and formerly REN21 Secretariat); Ernesto Macias Galan (Alliance for Rural Electrification); Steve Sawyer (Global Wind Energy Council); Stefan Schurig (World Future Council); Dan Bilello and Kelli Anderson (U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory); Tim Cronin (American Council on Renewable Energy); Li Junfeng, Ma Lingjuan, Liu Ying, and Chang Yu (Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association); Leena Srivastava and Amit Kumar (TERI–The Energy and Resources Institute); Ansgar Kiene (African Renewable Energy Alliance); and Kevin Nassiep and Karen Surridge-Talbot (South African National Energy Development Institute). Interviewees Thanks to all 170 persons who agreed to be interviewed for this report. (See Annex 1.) Production REN21 Secretariat, Paris, France Editing, Design and Layout Lisa Mastny, editor Werbeagentur GmbH, design Original Inspiration Mike Eckhart (Citigroup and formerly ACORE) Consulting Reviewers Morgan Bazilian, Gonzalo Bravo, Dolf Gielen, Rainer Hinrichs- Rahlwes, Hans-Jörgen Koch, Thomas Johansson, Christine Lins, Amory Lovins, Hironao Matsubara, Miquel Muñoz, Wilson Rickerson, Janet Sawin, Martin Schöpe, and Sven Teske. Reviewers Adnan Amin, Mohit Anand, Doug Arent, Alan AtKisson, Roger Ballentine, Pedro Ballesteros Torres, Ron Benioff, Ralph Chapman, Mike Cleary, Suani Teixeira Coelho, Luis Crespo, David de Jager, Mike Eckhart, Jose Etcheverry, Paolo Frankl, Lisa Frantzis, Herbert Girardet, Chris Greacen, Renata Grisoli, Marie-Christine Gröne, Stefan Gsänger, Alexander Haack, Karin Haara, Winfried Hoffman, Peter Jørgensen, Vinod Kala, Tarun Kapoor, Ansgar Kiene, Christian Kjaer, Tracy Lane, Li Junfeng, Franz Marré, Angus McCrone, Pradeep Monga, Fred Morse, Kevin Nassiep, Wolfgang Palz, Walt Patterson, Terry Penny, Emiliano Perezagua Gil, Brian Perusse, Klause-Peter Pischke, Michaela Pulkert, Mark Radka, Anjan Ray, Keywan Riahi, Dima Rifai, Steve Sawyer, Annette Schou, Stefan Schurig, Henriette Schweizerhof, Ralph Sims, Gauri Singh, Scott Sklar, Pil-Bae Song and colleagues, Virginia Sonntag-O’Brien, Leena Srivastava, V Subramanian, Wim Turkenburg, Maryke van Staden, and Carl Weinberg. Sponsors and Co-Sponsors Primary funding for this report was provided by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the German Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Protection and Nuclear Safety (BMU). Supplemental funding was also provided by the American Council on Renewable Energy, the Public Power Corporation of Greece, the South African National Energy Development Institute, the United Nations Foundation, and the World Future Council. Report Author and Research Director Eric Martinot (Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies)

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