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ECOWAS Status Report - Acknowledgments

RENEWABLE ENERGY AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY STATUS REPORT 2014 | 7 Over the past decade, the share of people who lack access to modern energy services has fallen by nearly 10 percentage points — down from almost 25% — even as the global population has expanded significantly. Renewables have played a role in this improvement. These advances however are not evenly spread geographically. Large areas of Africa remain without access to modern energy services and it is the only region in the world where the share of population electrified is less than growth in total population. Renewables are uniquely positioned to provide needed energy services in a sustainable manner, more rapidly and generally at lower cost than their alternatives. Their potential for the African continent is significant. Ten years ago, markets for modern renewable energy technologies were mainly concentrated in Europe and the United States. In the course of the past decade, renewables deployment has spread globally. Today, renewable energy technologies are viewed not only as tools for improving energy security and mitigating and adapting to climate change, but are also recognised increasingly as investments that provide both direct and indirect economic advantages by reducing dependence on imported fuels; improving local air quality and safety; advancing energy access and security; propelling economic development; as well as creating jobs. Declining costs have also played a significant role in the expansion of renewable energy deployment in recent years. Several renewable energy technologies are today cost- competitive with conventional generation technologies, even before environmental and other externalities are taken into consideration. REN21 is committed to tracking the development of renewables worldwide. In addition to its annual flagship publication — the Renewables Global Status Report — REN21 works with regional partners to shed further light on renewables development in different world regions. The ECOWAS Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Status REN21 IS COMMITTED TO TRACKING THE DEVELOPMENT OF RENEWABLES WORLDWIDE. IN ADDITION TO ITS ANNUAL FLAGSHIP PUBLICATION - THE RENEWABLES GLOBAL STATUS REPORT - REN21 WORKS WITH REGIONAL PARTNERS TO SHED FURTHER LIGHT ON RENEWABLES DEVELOPMENT IN DIFFERENT WORLD REGIONS. ” Report, complements earlier regional status reports on China, India and the MENA region. We would like to thank ECREEE and all partners involved for the excellent collaboration throughout the production of this report. Particular thanks go to colleagues at the Worldwatch Institute for their dedicated work throughout the process. We hope that you find this report informative. Christine Lins Executive Secretary Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21)

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