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ECOWAS Status Report - Energy Efficiency in Cooking

| 48 The higher cost of energy-efficient lamps, compared to current less-efficient alternatives, is one of the largest obstacles to full deployment. In addition, technical challenges as well as a lack of information and societal acceptance of efficient lighting technologies have yet to be fully reconciled.22 To overcome these challenges, policies (see Chapter 4) or initiatives to introduce energy efficient lighting are active in the majority of ECOWAS Member States, although implementation varies widely by country. Various Member States have introduced programmes to distribute energy-efficient lamps to overcome the barriers to market uptake.23 (See Table 10.) Most programmes are designed to distribute compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) for residential and/or commercial lighting; however, more-efficient light-emitting diode (LED) lamps are also being introduced in select markets, such as Nigeria.24 Mali has also introduced a pilot, efficient street lighting programme, which aims to install 15,000 demonstration projects.25 FIGURE 15 | Projected Electricity and Cost Savings from Efficient Lighting in ECOWAS Member States TABLE 10 | Energy-Efficient Lighting Initiatives in Selected ECOWAS Member States Source: see endnote 23 for this section. Burkina Fasso Senegal Sierra Leone TogoMali Niger Benin Liberia The Gambia Guinea-Bissau Cabo Verde Off-Grid On-Grid Electricity Savings Nigeria 1600 1400 0 200 400 0 0 200 600 AnnualCostSavings(MillionUSD) AnnualElectricitySavings(GWh) 800 1000 1200 400 Ghana Guinea Côte d’Ivoire PROJECT DESCRIPTION Benin Planned distribution of 350,000 CFLs Cabo Verde Distribution of 300,000 CFLs in 2009–2010 The Gambia Promotion of fluorescent tubes or CFLs in public buildings Guinea ELSEWEDY project: Supply 3,500,000 lamps ECOWAS programme: Replace 750,000 incandescent lamps with CFLs PASE project: Distribute 600,000 CFLs to Kaloum area Mali Planned distribution of one million CFLs Efficient street lighting demonstration project (15,000 street lamps) Nigeria 1 million CFLs LED lamp distribution CDM project to distribute 150 million bulbs Senegal Bulk procurement and distribution of 500,000 CFLs in 2010 Togo Planned distribution of at least 400,000 CFLs CDM project to distribute one million CFLs 00

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