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ECOWAS Status Report

RENEWABLE ENERGY AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY STATUS REPORT 2014 | 39 FIGURE 13 | Estimated Installed Capacity of Distributed Solar PV in Selected ECOWAS Member States, 2012 Sources: Gambian Ministry of Energy & Petroleum; National Focal Institution for Guinea-Bissau; IRENA; National Focal Institution for Nigeria; UNDP; ECREEE. In Cabo Verde, the Monte Trigo facility (.039 MW) operates as part of a micro-grid and includes a back-up diesel generator.94 Mali has a total of 13 off-grid solar PV projects, ranging in size from 0.02 MW to 0.24 MW.95 Nigeria has six off-grid solar PV projects, with capacities between 0.01 MW and 0.06 MW.96 In Sierra Leone, distributed solar PV projects include one implemented by the Safer Future Youth Development Project to supply rural households with rooftop solar panels for lighting and charging mobile phones.97 The Beacon Solar Energy Project, implemented by Engineers Without Borders from Princeton University and the local partner Energy For Opportunity, installed solar panels at the National Organization for Wellbody Clinic, which serves approximately 300,000 people.98 In the Gambia, Suleiman Junkung General Hospital is equipped with solar PV panels and net metering.99 And in Niger, villages such as Moli Haoussa and Banigueti have been electrified with solar technologies through financial assistance from the Government of India and the ECOWAS Development Bank.100 Many Member States are also implementing national initiatives centred on distributed solar PV. In Guinea-Bissau, the Ministry of Public Health, with support from the World Bank, equipped 127 health centres with solar PV panels for lighting and water pumps.101 The Ministry of Energy is also implementing a Decentralized Rural Electrification Project in the country’s Bafata, Oio, and Screens regions, installing solar PV equipment in schools, health centres, youth centres, and other establishments in small villages.102 In 2012, the North American International Organization in Dakar installed PV systems in the villages of Mabonco, Sintcham Botche, and Cambadju.103 In Liberia, solar PV has been installed in 205 public health facilities through the Rural and Renewable Energy Agency’s Renewable Energy for Health Care Facilities project, which also trains clinic staff in maintenance and system management. The Liberia Energy Assistance Program (LEAP), implemented by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), installed solar PV at 19 schools, clinics, and public buildings.104 RENEWABLE ENERGY MARKET AND INDUSTRY OVERVIEW 02 Sierra Leone The Gambia Guinea-Bissau Ghana NigeriaNiger Senegal 0.3 MW 0.8MW 3MW 3.2MW 20MW 21MW 4MW

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