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REN21 10 Years Report - Ten Years of Progress

8 Ten Years of Progress 2 Thelastdecade(2004–2014)sawasteadyincreaseintheglobal demand for renewable energy. While overall primary energy supply from renewables in 2004 was 57.7 EJ per year, by 2013 the total supply had grown to 76 EJ annually—an overall increase of 30%. By 2013, renewables supplied approximately 19% of the world’s final energy consumption, a little less than half of which came from traditional biomass. Heat energy from modern renewable sources grew from an estimated less than 1% in 2004 to 10% of total final energy use in 2014; hydropower grew slower than the overall increase in power demand, with the result that its share dropped slightly to 3.8% in 2014. All other new renewables used for power generation gained ground and increased their primary energy share from 0.5 to 3.5% over the past decade. In 2013, liquid biofuels met around 2.3% of total transport fuel demand. Furthermore, the last decade saw an increase in initiatives to link electric transport systems with renewable energy, particularly at the city and regional levels. The evolution of renewable energy over the past decade has surpassed all expectations. Global installed capacity and production from all renewable technologies have increased substantially; costs for most technologies have decreased significantly; and supporting policies have continued to spread throughout the world. __20112011 RenewableS 2011 GLOBAL STATUS REPORT 20041 End 2013 Investment in new renewable capacity (annual)2 billion USD 39.5 214.4 CAPACITIES Power Generation Capacity – global total GW 3800 5800i Renewable Power Capacity (total, excluding hydro) GW 85 560 Renewable Power Capacity (total, including hydro) GW 800 1,560 Hydro Power Capacity (total)3 GW 715 1,000 Bio Power Capacity GW 39 88 Geothermal Power Capacity GW 8.9 12 Solar PV Capacity (total) GW 2.6 139 Concentrating Solar Thermal Power (total) GW 0.4 3.4 Wind Power Capacity (total) GW 48 318 Solar Hot Water Capacity (total)4 GWth 98 326 Ethanol Production (annual) billion litres 28.5 87.2 Biodiesel Production (annual) billion litres 2.4 26.3 Total Biofuels (annual) billion litres 30.9 113.5 POLICIES Countries with policy targets # 48 144 States / provinces / countries with feed-in policies # 34 98 States / provinces / countries with RPS/quota policies # 11 79 States / provinces / countries with Biofuels mandates5 # 10 63 Table 1: Selected Indicators – Summary GSR 2005 to GSR 2014 i) Preliminary estimation based on IEA WEO 2013 and REN21 data for 2012 and 2013. Source: Renewables 2014 Global Status Report. billion USD 39.5214.4 Renewable Power Capacity (total, excluding hydro) GW 85560 Renewable Power Capacity (total, including hydro) GW 8001,560 GW 7151,000 Bio Power Capacity GW 3988 Geothermal Power Capacity GW 8.912 Solar PV Capacity (total) GW 2.6139 Concentrating Solar Thermal Power (total) GW 0.43.4 Wind Power Capacity (total) GW 48318 GWth 98326 Ethanol Production (annual) billion litres 28.587.2 Biodiesel Production (annual) billion litres 2.426.3 Total Biofuels (annual) billion litres 30.9113.5 Countries with policy targets # 48144 States / provinces / countries with feed-in policies # 3498 States / provinces / countries with RPS/quota policies # 1179 # 1063

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