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REN21 10 Years Report

11 01 SOLAR PV The total global operating capacity of solar PV crossed the 100 GW milestone in 2012, reaching a total capacity of 139 GW by the end of 2013. Since 2004, the annual market has exploded growing from approximately 1 GW to 39 GW in 2013. Over the course of 2010 more solar PV was installed than the past 20 years combined. While the major growth over the past decade has been in Europe—roughly 70% of all PV installations world- wide are in Europe—China’s market is growing rapidly. China’s annual installed PV capacity grew from 0.3 GW in 2009 to 3.3 GW in 2011 and reached 13 GW by 2013. The result of this spec- tacular growth in 2013 means that China now accounts for nearly one-third of global capacity added. China is followed by Japan (6.9 GW) and the United States (4.8GW). Germany accounts for 3.3 GW of solar PV with the UK and Italy both contributing 1.5 GW. In Italy, solar PV met 7.8% of total annual electricity demand. Despite these impressive numbers, the growth to date in the solar PV sector reflects only a very small part of the enormous market potential; several countries from high solar radiation regions such as Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Latin America, all of which are on the brink of scaling up their solar deployment. Driven by falling prices, solar PV is expanding to new markets, covering Africa and the MENA region to Asia and Latin America. Interest in community-owned and self-generation systems has continued to grow steadily over the past decade while the number and scale of large solar PV projects have also increased. Conversely cell and module manufacturers struggled as extreme competition and decreases in prices and revenue margins drove industry consolidation, resulting in several Chinese, European and U.S. manufacturers going out of business. CONCENTRATING SOLAR POWER (CSP) Ever since the connection of the first commercial CSP plant to the grid in 1989 in Arizona/United States, the development of this renewables market has faced challenges. It was the adoption of Spain’s renewable energy law in 2008 which finally brought growth to the industry after a decade of stagnation and no new CSP plant grid connections. The annual market in 2010 reached 0.5 GW, with expansion to just under 1 GW in 2013. The total global CSP capacity increased during the last decade by a factor of 14 to 3.4 GW with the majority of this capacity added in Spain, home to 65% the world’s CSP capacity. Falling PV and natural gas prices, the global economic downturn, and policy changes in Spain all created uncertainty for CSP manufacturers and devel- opers, resulting a slowing in the Spanish market. Simultaneously increasing interest in CSP in other parts of the world has led to 5 GW projects which are currently under con- struction, with expansion in Australia, Chile, China, India, the MENA region, and South Africa, The industry is also positioning itself in new sectors such as water desalination, industrial heat supply and dispatchable, solar electricity storage systems. 1GW 81GW 0.4GW 1GW 4GW 3GW 19GW 17GW 13GW 2GW in GW Solar PV CSP North America 13 1 Latin America 0.2 0 Europe and Russia 81 2 Africa 0.4 0.1 Middle East 1 0.2 India 4 0.1 Southeast Asia 17.4 0 China 19 0 Oceania 3 0 World total 139 GW 3.4 GW Figure 3: Solar PV and CSP Capacities Installed Globally, 2013 Solar PV CSP North America 131 Latin America 0.20 Europe and Russia 812 Africa 0.40.1 Middle East 10.2 India 40.1 Southeast Asia 17.40 China 190 Oceania 30

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