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Call for Proposals:  SADC Report Team

Call for Proposals: SADC Report Team

REN21 is looking for an authoring team to prepare a report on the status of renewable energy and energy efficiency in the SADC region.  This work is being carried out in partnership with the newly formed SADC Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (SACREEE).   The SADC Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Status Report  will mainly explore existing data on renewable energy and energy efficiency, examine country case studies with specific focus on South Africa and a few other countries based on  recent developments in that sector. Expert interviews and questionnaires will also be conducted in order to present a comprehensive overview of renewable energy and energy efficiency trends across the region’s 15 member countries.   The report will address the status of renewable energy and energy efficiency through the following sections:   Executive Summary Regional Introduction Renewable Energy Market and Industry Overview Distributed Renewable Energy Energy Efficiency Policy and Target Landscape Investment Flows and Patterns   The full Terms of Reference (including a description of the required tasks and proposal requirements) can be found here.   To see an example of a previous SADC Status Report, click here.   Deadline for submission is 12 January, 2018 17:00 CET.

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REN21 is the global renewable energy policy network that connects a wide range of key actors. REN21’s goal is to facilitate knowledge exchange, policy development and joint action towards a rapid global transition to renewable energy. Its activities are managed by a lean Secretariat, based at UNEP in Paris, France.

REN21 facilitates the collection of comprehensive and timely information on renewable energy. This information reflects diverse viewpoints for both private and public sector actors, servicing to dispel myths about renewable energy and to catalyse policy change.

You are welcome to use any of REN21’s data, infographics etc., in your work.  All we ask is that you Include the following citation and send a copy of the final work to:
REN21, < year of publication > < Name of publication > Paris, REN21 Secretariat

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