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News from the REN21 Network

Just Released: Regional report on East African Community

Just Released: Regional report on East African Community

EAC Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Status Report The East African Community (EAC) is the second largest single regional market in Africa and economically one of the fastest growing regions in sub-Saharan Africa.  The report reveals that the off-grid market is firmly established in the region and that the mini/micro-grid sector is also attracting significant investment.   While growth trends in the renewable energy and energy efficiency markets are generally positive, the report highlights several challenges that remain to be addressed if the region governments are to ensure energy security and meet energy access needs.   More information is available here.

REN21 September Newsletter now available

REN21 September Newsletter now available

The September 2016 edition of the REN21 newsletter has just been released. Sign up and join thousands of decision makers in the renewables and sustainability sphere who are following the activities of our extensive network.   This September edition includes contributions by: IEA, ECREEE, World Future Council, Greenpeace, Global Wind Energy Council, WWEA, ISES, GOGLA, International Geothermal Association,  World Bioenergy Association, Stichting HPC 2017,  SLoCaT, IRENA, ARE, NAMA Facility, Chatham House (Low Carbon Finance Group)   If you do not currently receive our newsletter, subscribe to the REN21 Newsletter today!

Be a part of the GSR 2017 Team

Be a part of the GSR 2017 Team

  Work on the Renewables 2017 Global Status Report has begun.  If you would like to be a part of the GSR 2017 team, please click here  to complete the expression of interest; it only takes two minutes.   This year REN21 will use a new questionnaire platform for the GSR data collection process.  The platform has been streamlined to reduce the time and effort of contributing data and information. It will now also include sections on energy efficiency, enabling technologies, and integrative approaches.     Be a part of the 2017 team!  

REN21 promotes renewable energy

REN21 is the global renewable energy policy network that connects a wide range of key actors. REN21’s goal is to facilitate knowledge exchange, policy development and joint action towards a rapid global transition to renewable energy. Its activities are managed by a lean Secretariat, based at UNEP in Paris, France.

REN21 facilitates the collection of comprehensive and timely information on renewable energy. This information reflects diverse viewpoints for both private and public sector actors, servicing to dispel myths about renewable energy and to catalyse policy change.

You are welcome to use any of REN21’s data, infographics etc., in your work.  All we ask is that you Include the following citation and send a copy of the final work to:
REN21, < year of publication > < Name of publication > Paris, REN21 Secretariat

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promote energy access, increase supply security and are cost efficient.

Leading the Reporting on Renewables: Ten years of counting

Renewables Interactive map

The REN21 Renewables Interactive Map is a research tool for tracking the development of renewable energy worldwide. The Map offers a streamlined method for gathering and sharing information on economic development and policy frameworks in the field of renewable energies.

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Leading the reporting on Renewables: ten years of counting